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An old trend, a new use!

SMS marketing

If we take a look back in time, we can see that SMS marketing was popularized by teenagers that were obsessed by text messaging at all hours of the day. That was a type of social media and now it’s still an important way to engage and communicate efficiently.

You could say that besides its personal character, the text message has another element on its side when engaging potential customers; an SMS marketing text message can have, as you all know, a maximum number of 160 characters. People don’t like to be bothered, so no matter how interesting or useful your information might be, it they see a long text or communication, they will not read and just delete it. This is the reason for which all communications, regardless of the channel, need to be as short as possible while conveying that the potential customer can get and how.

SMS marketing

Because sending a promotional text message would take a life time if you undertake a traditional method of SMS broadcasting in bulk, web based SMS platforms have been developed by IT programmers in order to ease the use of this type of marketing.

All you have to do is load up your sending list meaning your phone number database that you wish to send to, write the message and click send. SMS broadcasting is as simple as that!

If you want to optimise your text message more, you can do so with the help of the features of the web based SMS platform that we put at your disposal.