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What do Customers think about SMS Marketing Loyalty Clubs?

SMS Marketing Loyalty Clubs

Many businesses still think that text marketing is just for small businesses or doubt that people will not just ignore their messages because, after all, text message advertisements are just short text announcements. But the power of SMS marketing does not reside in the design or content of the offer, but in the fact that the offer perfectly penetrates the wall people build around them to ignore advertisements.

Mobile network companies are the ones that opened the way for the rest of us; if you offer telephoning services, what better way to keep your clients up to date with the latest changes and offers but by phone using text messages?!

That was the beginning of it, but now we have what are called loyalty clubs and programmes; businesses give potential or actual customers an incentive to opt into these clubs (when they opt-in via text message, their phone number automatically enters your database). You can administer your database lists easily though the NextSMS programme interface. Usability is the focus.

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About half of the people that are included in loyalty a programme purchase as a result of that programme. They receive SMS branded text, OR codes and discount coupons in digital form. If you think about it it’s a no brainer.

Of course it depends on many other factors like what kind of product you are selling, if the offer is time dependant, it it’s a well-constructed offer or not, but the statistics don’t lie. It is researched proof that text marketing works. My opinion it’s that by not adding SMS marketing to your marketing strategy you are missing out because it’s a small extra amount that can bring you extra sales and especially sales boosts in low seasons.

SMS marketing is a form of network marketing and it’s easily applicable to any strategy. Can’t think of a way to apply it to your business? Just call our support team and they will show you the ropes or, better yet, look for the tip articles in this blog and read up.

Over 80% of the people that joined the loyalty clubs are getting involved thanks to these engaging text messages. They consider that they are benefiting from being included in these programmes and that’s what you want to achieve when you use web SMS marketing. Also businesses that have been using web SMS marketing consider that by using and refining their strategies they will significantly increase their ROI in the next 2 years.