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Business SMS Marketing Chapter 5 – Hair Salons & Spas

spa_web SMS marketing

In the case of hair salons and spas besides bulk SMS broadcasting offers and staff communications, web SMS marketing is also used to achieve a few more actions that increase customer loyalty by building more close relationships with your customers.

Now we all know that spa owners and stylists build relationships with their clients; they get friendly with their clients and they chat while the service is done. What web SMS marketing brings to the equation is a whole new level of bonding by reminding people of their appointments, letting them know of new products that are coming in and of special events that will take place in the salon. It’s a fast and easy way to go one step further in building relationships and increasing returns as a result of customer attraction and loyalising.

hair salon_bulk SMS campaigning

The most important aspect in bulk SMS broadcasting is the size and quality of your phone number database. Just like in the case of retail stores, you can put up a sign in your salon or spa that tells your clients that they will get a discount on their contracted service if they send a text to a certain phone number in order to opt-in your SMS special offer newsletter. People will of course jump at the change to take advantage of your offer and your phone number database will grow into a powerful impact tool in no time.

Here are 3 examples of how you can write your short web SMS campaign text:

  1. Appointment reminders

“Hi there! Don’t forget that you have a hair appointment after noon at 2 PM. See you then!”

  1. In case of open appointments

“We have an open spot tomorrow between 2 and 3 PM. Make an appointment and get 20% off your haircut.”

  1. New products coming in

“We’ve just received a new fresh order of hair care products today. Come check out what’s new!”