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Business SMS Marketing Chapter 1 – Restaurants

restaurant SMS marketing

What’s the fastest way to grow the number of people that show up at your restaurant for dinner? Restaurant SMS marketing! Send your customers compelling SMS marketing campaigns with your special dinner offers and let them know why they should choose your place to dine. It will increase traffic to your business, increasing your sales and customer database. It will build brand awareness because your customers will forward your message to their friends.

Perfect your CRM (customer relationship management) – because SMS marketing is the best tool for businesses with customers that come back for repeated purchase, it fits the restaurant industry like a glove. If you think about it from the CRM (customer relationship management) point of view, SMS marketing will allow you to instantly communicate with your customers and reward your most loyal customers with free meals.

All of the above are possible because your customers will be satisfied and happy receiving specials and info about your restaurant directly on their phones, feeling cared about by your business and not having to carry paper coupons.

So how can your restaurant use SMS marketing to its benefit? Campaigns realised through this medium are easily applicable to any marketing strategy so all you have to do is be creative. Check out our SMS examples below, the perfect SMS examples for the restaurant business.

If you are having a slow day at the restaurant you can compose a quick offer and broadcast it to your phone number database. Pay attention to the time you are sending your offer at because if you carefully broadcast your offer at the right time, let’s say right before lunch when people are starting to be hungry, you will get a high increase in the number of people showing up to eat lunch at your restaurant.

restaurant SMS marketing

Besides offers to customers you can also send out reservation reminders, staff communications or meeting reminders or messages crafted especially so you make the best out of upcoming events, events that create opportunities for you to fill up your restaurant.

Here are a few incentive examples to get you started on promoting your restaurant:

Example 1: “No idea what to eat today? Come have lunch with us and get 10% off!”

You can send your regular customers a coupon via text message that they can just easily show to the server. Example 2:  “Offer only for tonight: show this text to your server and enjoy a free entree.”

Example 3: “Have dinner with 2 friends at Chandelier and you will all enjoy a free dessert.”

Send a text message to your customers telling them to reply in order to enter a contest. Example 4: “You have entered Tim’s dinner for 2 contest. Winners will be announced tomorrow at 7 PM. Good luck!”

Remind them of their reservation. Example 5: “Hi James, this is a reservation reminder for your dinner at Tom’s Restaurant. See you there!”

CRM (customer relationship management)

How to grow your database with restaurant SMS marketing?

Simply place a card on each table with the message “text Italian to 4456 and get a coupon for a free entree”. Set it up so that when someone sends the message they will receive back a text message saying “thank you for signing up for Dave’s Italian specials, show this message to your server and you will get a free entrée.”

Just as with any other form of direct marketing, text message marketing can be easily abused, so make sure you’re not sending your customers messages too often. We recommend no more than once a week.

Do not forget that SMS marketing is also an Eco-Friendly method. Click here to sign up for NextSMS’s SMS marketing solution.