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Business SMS Marketing Chapter 4 – Retail Stores

web SMS marketing_customers

How does web SMS marketing work for retail stores? One word: effortlessly! All you have to do is inform.

Sending web SMS campaigns boosts returns for retail stores all over the world because if you have a slow sale day all you have to do is go over to your computer, open NextSMS and send a bulk SMS broadcast with a special last minute offer.

bulk SMS broadcast_shopping

Grow your customer database (more people to send your web SMS campaigns to equals bigger sales):

You can post a sign in key viewpoints in your store with the message “Text “holidays” to 5569 and get 15% off your next purchase!”

If  they text your number, their phone numbers get automatically added to your bulk SMS broadcast list.

Next, it is best practice to create an automatic reply that your customers will get once they send the message. The reply can sound something like “Thanks for signing up for One Store’s text offers. Show this text at checkout to get 15% off your purchase!”

retail SMS campaigns

And let’s throw an incentive over there for a bigger effect. This is a good idea when you have stock clearings or other situations in which you have to clear out your store fast.

It’s a cheap, fast way of boosting your sales anytime you need; a good option for any business to have when sales aren’t going so good. It’s persuasive because people get the incentive directly on their mobile phone and have no choice but to react – their curiosity is peeked. Make sure that your text message offers sufficient value so they travel to your retail store.

Check out a few ideas to inspire you in your retail SMS campaigning:


  • mobile coupons (send them out and watch customers filling up your store in order to collect);
  • new product alerts (all you have to do is inform people in an excited way that you have just received new products on stock);
  • closeout specials (send out a last time on sale incentive, sit back and watch your customers buy it all).

The major benefit of retail SMS campaigning is that both your customers and you will get what you want; you get to advertise effectively and your customers get the information they want in an unobtrusive way. You will get the highest ROI of any method you utilise!