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Radio Stations discover Web SMS Marketing

web SMS for marketing for radio presenters

Radio Stations or more exactly radio presenters have discovered in web SMS marketing a great new tool that they can use in order to engage their listeners and enthral them.

When I said that web SMS marketing has a highly adaptable character I wasn’t joking. Ok so they use it, but how do they use it, what it their procedure, right? We need to understand that in order to apply it for ourselves and be successful.

Even though it’s the era of the “online” radio shows have got it pretty good because people listen to them when they commute to work or do various activities around the house.

web SMS marketing on the air sign

Radio contests are rocking right now because people are getting prizes in exchange for entering contests by text message and answering simple question. A winner can be nominated every hour, day, week; it’s up to the radio show to find the perfect formula according to the topic of their show and the hours of the day that their show is on the air.

For example, let’s say your radio station wants you to hold a contest in which the first person to text “gift card” to a short code (a unique number) will win a 15€ gift card to a local salon. Using NextSMS you can program the SMS campaign to broadcast at any time in the future without giving it a second thought after that; the program does all the hard work for you.

You can see the answers from your listeners on the screen thanks to the 2 way SMS feature for easy interaction; you can immediately call the contest winner phone number and make his day by giving him the good news.

You can use web SMS Marketing easily and get more and more listeners. It’s simple way to make your audience grow and your Nielsen ratings go through the roof!