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Reach the Millennial Consumers!

SMS marketing

4 reasons why SMS marketing works on them

Many brands are looking to raise interest and connect with the millennial consumer market segment because this is the segment that buys the most, impulse buying and well researched buying as well.

Millennials are very appealing to marketers because they have money and ignore traditional means of communication.

1.      They prefer online communications, thus they spend most of their time online and the secret is to try to reach them by communicating with them on the channels they use the most, as getting a consumer to switch channels and come listen to your brand’s message is nearly impossible.

Millennial consumers are born after 1981 and are 18-31 of age. These consumers are smart and mobile. The only way to get to turn them into your consumers is though the online medium, the medium of choice being SMS marketing. Why you ask? Because people are bombarded with dozens of advertisements every day and this segment is doing a great job of ignoring those advertisements.

SMS marketing

2.      In order to cope with getting bombarded with advertisements and get on with their daily lives, these customers have developed a shell or bubble that they live in, that helps them ignore the ‘advertising noise’.

3.      So in these situations we, the marketers, found a way to communicate the offers to them in a less nosy and friendlier way: through SMS marketing, because after all you read all of your text messages from your friends. SMS marketing infiltrates the bubble, engaging people in a place they feel comfortable in.

4.      They heavily rely on testimonials and friend recommendations, on word of mouth so this is another reason to use the SMS marketing method for your business.

As you can see, SMS marketing is doing a great job on its own, but what if you were to pay attention to the best practices and include a call to action as well? Then you will have maximum results!

SMS marketing’s adaptability to any kind of promotional strategy is surprising; all you have to do is be creative!