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Business SMS Marketing Chapter 2 – Bars and Cafes

bulk SMS marketing for bars and cafes

If you work in the beverage industry, own a bar or café you know that getting people to not only come by for a drink but become regular customers is a very hard task because people are pickier with places they go for a drink than with places they go to eat. The purpose is to have a good profit every month.

Web SMS marketing can be very easily and effectively applied to bars and cafes; business owners try to develop a very good relationship with their customers (CRM) in order to make the customers feel cared about and come back for repeated purchase – that is actually the secret behind bulk SMS marketing, it helps your business by getting through to your prospective customers, engaging them in their personal space.

You know what resources you have, what solutions; you know what they can do, what using them will bring you, but how? How to do it is the most important aspect of web SMS marketing and what better way to teach you than to show you though relevant exemplification, right? So take a look at the following examples and get inspired!

Don’t forget that bulk SMS marketing is a permission based type of direct marketing and your customers must know why they get your SMS notification, because otherwise some of them will opt-out. To ensure that this doesn’t happen you can set an incentive such as a free drink if they opt-in.

web SMS marketing

Example 1 (for getting people to opt-in):  You can post a sign up in your cafe that says something like “Text “coffee” to 5568 and get a coupon for 1 free cup of coffee!”

Do you want more reasons to apply SMS marketing for your bar or café? Of course, everyone wants more!

Here you go:

  • increase in traffic, sales and customer database;
  • increased brand awareness because your customers will share the info with friends and forward the text message to them;
  • you can reward your regular customers;
  • you can send offers to your customer phone number database anytime (when you are low on customers or  to inform people about a special event or night scheduled).

Example 2

On a slow morning or afternoon you can broadcast a bulk SMS campaign that may say something like “Buy one cup of coffee, get the second half price today only!”


Example 3 (mobile coupons)

“Going out tonight? Show this text at Tom’s Tavern and enjoy a FREE draft with the purchase of another! Good only for tonight!”

Example 4 (event reminders)

“Football fan? Stop by Jerry’s Pub and watch the game with us this Sunday. Deals on all your favourite drinks!”

Example 5 (the more the merrier)

“Stop by Tina’s café tomorrow with a friend and you’ll each receive a desert on the house!”

cafe offers web SMS marketing

Example 6 (Run a Contest – another idea to grow your list and improve your relationship with your customers)

“Thanks for entering to win coffee for life at Tina’s! We’ll be announcing the winner Saturday night. Don’t miss it!”

You have the ability to put a special offer, event notification or coupon in the hands of hundreds of customers with the click of a button, that’s what NextSMS can do for your business.