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6 Characteristics of Text Messages That Get Shared

text message offer

Even if text messaging is something that we all do on a regular basis, many businesses get it wrong. The fact is that in order to maintain and build your cell phone number database you have to meet one major requirement: you have to be respectful!

In order to create respectful and effective text messages, you need to keep a close eye on the following characteristic:

1.       Address the text message receiver

This shows the person receiving the SMS that you know who they are and the text message is intended for them; that what you are offering is of interest to them. Don’t forget to use a friendly tone.

2.       Plan your timing carefully

People pay great attention to their mobile phones; that’s what makes this communication medium so precious and you don’t want to mess that up. Before sending your web SMS campaign think about the recipient and if you are disturbing him or not (is he sleeping? Is he busy? Is it too early or too late in the day?).


3.       Don’t use txt or spk

Use real works and proper grammar not only in B2C, but in B2B as well. Abbreviations annoy a considerable amount of customers.

4.       Keep it short and simple

You only have 160 characters to get attention and call to action. Not everyone can access URLs directly from a message, so make your URL a one that’s easy to remember. Use clear and attention grabbing terms like “discount”.

5.       Ensure support

Provide a clear call to action and a way of providing support for your text message recipients in case something happens. For example, if someone accidentally deletes a message with a necessary code in it, make sure you have a way of recovering it for them.


6.       Check, test, modify, repeat (CTMR)

You need to make sure you have no errors in the text message and that your line can’t be misinterpreted in an offensive manner.

People are angered and opt-out of anything they perceive as spam, so if you are not sending spam is of no importance if it looks like spam. My advice is to read the characteristics again and make sure your offer looks as good as possible.


Convenient for your customers, easy for your company!

text message marketing

I am sure I captured your attention with this title and yes, there is a method that is both convenient for your customers and easy for you to use: SMS marketing.

Important: You should never underestimate the power of the humble text message for reaching your customers. For many companies web SMS marketing  has become an important communication channel because it’s an instant and sure way to remind your employees of a meeting, remind a customer of a payment or special offer.

web SMS marketing

Text message marketing is familiar for the recipients; it’s personal and unobtrusive at the same time. That must be the reason why over 97% of SMS are read!

It’s green, it’s easy, it’s brings a lot of customers to businesses in low seasons, it’s amazing that not everyone is using this tool on a monthly basis! But yes, there are reticent business people who prefer to stick to their old methods of marketing and selling and miss out on a great volume of sales as a result.

We are about to burst these business people’s bubble because now SMS marketing campaigns are easy to track and evaluate as well.

The web SMS platform that has been created makes sure to eliminate sender list and tracking concerns. It’s great if you have a time-sensitive offer or a critical announcement that must be made; all you have to do is go to your computer, open the application software and follow 5 easy guided steps to send out your announcement and inform people in real time.

Tip: Never forget to be clear in your message and tell the receiver what he needs to do with the information you have provided.

When you take all of this into consideration, you will ensure that your SMS text message campaign is set up to succeed and deliver leads and sales for your business with the minimum amount of SMS unsubscribes.


Business SMS Marketing Chapter 5 – Hair Salons & Spas

spa_web SMS marketing

In the case of hair salons and spas besides bulk SMS broadcasting offers and staff communications, web SMS marketing is also used to achieve a few more actions that increase customer loyalty by building more close relationships with your customers.

Now we all know that spa owners and stylists build relationships with their clients; they get friendly with their clients and they chat while the service is done. What web SMS marketing brings to the equation is a whole new level of bonding by reminding people of their appointments, letting them know of new products that are coming in and of special events that will take place in the salon. It’s a fast and easy way to go one step further in building relationships and increasing returns as a result of customer attraction and loyalising.

hair salon_bulk SMS campaigning

The most important aspect in bulk SMS broadcasting is the size and quality of your phone number database. Just like in the case of retail stores, you can put up a sign in your salon or spa that tells your clients that they will get a discount on their contracted service if they send a text to a certain phone number in order to opt-in your SMS special offer newsletter. People will of course jump at the change to take advantage of your offer and your phone number database will grow into a powerful impact tool in no time.

Here are 3 examples of how you can write your short web SMS campaign text:

  1. Appointment reminders

“Hi there! Don’t forget that you have a hair appointment after noon at 2 PM. See you then!”

  1. In case of open appointments

“We have an open spot tomorrow between 2 and 3 PM. Make an appointment and get 20% off your haircut.”

  1. New products coming in

“We’ve just received a new fresh order of hair care products today. Come check out what’s new!”


An old trend, a new use!

SMS marketing

If we take a look back in time, we can see that SMS marketing was popularized by teenagers that were obsessed by text messaging at all hours of the day. That was a type of social media and now it’s still an important way to engage and communicate efficiently.

You could say that besides its personal character, the text message has another element on its side when engaging potential customers; an SMS marketing text message can have, as you all know, a maximum number of 160 characters. People don’t like to be bothered, so no matter how interesting or useful your information might be, it they see a long text or communication, they will not read and just delete it. This is the reason for which all communications, regardless of the channel, need to be as short as possible while conveying that the potential customer can get and how.

SMS marketing

Because sending a promotional text message would take a life time if you undertake a traditional method of SMS broadcasting in bulk, web based SMS platforms have been developed by IT programmers in order to ease the use of this type of marketing.

All you have to do is load up your sending list meaning your phone number database that you wish to send to, write the message and click send. SMS broadcasting is as simple as that!

If you want to optimise your text message more, you can do so with the help of the features of the web based SMS platform that we put at your disposal.


Reach the Millennial Consumers!

SMS marketing

4 reasons why SMS marketing works on them

Many brands are looking to raise interest and connect with the millennial consumer market segment because this is the segment that buys the most, impulse buying and well researched buying as well.

Millennials are very appealing to marketers because they have money and ignore traditional means of communication.

1.      They prefer online communications, thus they spend most of their time online and the secret is to try to reach them by communicating with them on the channels they use the most, as getting a consumer to switch channels and come listen to your brand’s message is nearly impossible.

Millennial consumers are born after 1981 and are 18-31 of age. These consumers are smart and mobile. The only way to get to turn them into your consumers is though the online medium, the medium of choice being SMS marketing. Why you ask? Because people are bombarded with dozens of advertisements every day and this segment is doing a great job of ignoring those advertisements.

SMS marketing

2.      In order to cope with getting bombarded with advertisements and get on with their daily lives, these customers have developed a shell or bubble that they live in, that helps them ignore the ‘advertising noise’.

3.      So in these situations we, the marketers, found a way to communicate the offers to them in a less nosy and friendlier way: through SMS marketing, because after all you read all of your text messages from your friends. SMS marketing infiltrates the bubble, engaging people in a place they feel comfortable in.

4.      They heavily rely on testimonials and friend recommendations, on word of mouth so this is another reason to use the SMS marketing method for your business.

As you can see, SMS marketing is doing a great job on its own, but what if you were to pay attention to the best practices and include a call to action as well? Then you will have maximum results!

SMS marketing’s adaptability to any kind of promotional strategy is surprising; all you have to do is be creative!